I am so happy to announce that my blog has been online for over a year now. During that time I have made so many friends and met fellow bloggers in Second Life. I love having my various links, as well bringing those on a budget new fashion on the Second Life grid. I also love on hunts to find wonderful gifts. My partner kusowsk (Kuso) has helped model for me when needed and I thank him. My groups include WHAT I LIKE TO WEAR IN SECOND LIFE which you can find on Facebook, Flickr,Facebook, Google, WordPress, blogspot and Twitter. I also have another group called HEY THERE WHERE DID YOU GET THAT AWESOME HAIR on Facebook, as well as COOL PLACES TO SEE IN SECOND LIFE. I have many followers and people who support me. I have just had the honor of being chosen to blog for JOY STYLE they will be my first sponsor and I am so excited!!. Also I am working with Trina at Unforgettable Temptations in hope have another sponsor very soon. Throughout Second Life, I have noticed alot of anxiety through many bloggers being jealous because someone uses music and you did not think of it first. You know who you are :). Seriously folks, we all are here to enjoy this “Second Life” as real life can be tough. I am a freelance real life female musician and I work as one in Second Life for Lightning Productions (Tribute) as a band member, live artists and other groups. If you love music then you will definitely like my blog. I use music NOT using favorite songs, but to identify with the picture of which outfit I am wearing and also to set a mood for the reader to enjoy . I hope you will continue to support my posts and I look forward to many more in the future. Check me out at






Thanks and Rock on and Keep on blogging Gabby


My first sponsor Joy Style






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