May 19 to June 18, 2017
As nightfall was coming the air began to get chilly. I managed to swipe a purple coat off one of the tables. Now stealing has never been a habit of mine, however I was in need to keep warm this evening. Once again fate had dealt me a great hand or so I thought. All of a sudden a man in a purple coat like mine jumped out at me. He was an ugly fellow with a rotten smell of stench to him. His skin was as white as driven snow. He reached to grab the back of my cloak and missed. Now I truly have something to worry about. I could tell he was evil and up to no good. Running as fast as I could, I came upon the Travelers Camp and sat around the campfire. Listening to the other travelers at the camp I learned that the evil man was not really a human. Tale has it that he was the son of a merchant whose life was taken by another. Now his ghost haunts the camp. Each night he would come in man form and before the very break of dawn he would turn into a skeleton with a Paladin sword in hand and scare everyone.  I had hoped my path would never cross his again.UACMEDEVIALFAIRELFxPURPLECLOAK_001UACMEDEVIALFAIRELFxPURPLECLOAK_002_001
~Lantian Flox~ L/Fx Fur Trimmed Cloak Purple Female and Male comes in mesh S, M and L
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